A firefighter tries to get away from a fire that rose quickly in his direction.

Approximately 53% of the Juquery State Park, near the city of São Paulo, were consumed by the fire last August. Home of the last portion of Cerrado near the capital, the landscape changed to ashes during the 3 days of flames.

Fire consuming the Cerrado vegetation from the Juquery State Park, near São Paulo city, last August.

Many of the Park wildlife was directly affected, and lost, because of the criminal fire, set by the fall of a balloon during the dry season. Firefighters, brigadiers and volunteers, with the help of the Police forces fought the flames, and this is the record of the day.

Water trucks arriving at Juquery State Park.

The fire was the biggest since 2012, the lack of rain associated with a dryness and hot winds spread the fire easily to the park. A direct colateral from all the damage we’ve been doing to our planet.

A firefight near the flames during the Juquery State Park fire last August.
Photos and report by Ettore Chiereguini. All Rights Reserved.
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